How to make your CCTV work with Google Chrome after NPAPI update.

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Recently Google Chrome have released an update that has stopped many CCTV systems working using the Google Chrome browser as the plugins they use rely on the Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface (NPAPI) which is an Architechture used in many browseres to run CCTV systems and many Java driven plugins and applications.

Google have decided that the NPAPI Architechture is old news and it should be killed off and replaced with HTML5.

Don’t dispair there is a simple fix.

Paste the following link into your Google Chrome Browser


This will present you with the below screen – we want to enable the NPAPI

27-04-2015 14-00-39

Once this is done you will need to reboot your browser and you will now be able to use your CCTV system once again.


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